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Hello from The Deposit Protection Service!

Welcome to the latest edition of Open House. This issue we highlight the importance of dispute evidence deadlines, get to know our Head of Operations a little better, and showcase our newest "Be the adjudicator" case study.  




Missing submission deadlines for deposit disputes

Our figures have shown that in 2014, 18% of landlords and 23% of tenants missed their deadline for submitting evidence during deposit disputes.

Make sure you observe the submission cut-off date to give your claim the best possible chance of success. Missed deadlines may mean your evidence isn't included in the adjudication decision, or even the disputed amount being paid to the tenant by default!

For more information about evidence deadlines and the dispute process, take a look at our guide on tenancy deposits, disputes and damages.   

Read the guide!






To fee or not to fee?

Sit down at the adjudicator's desk and try to resolve our latest installment of "Be the adjudicator"!

Test your decision-making as 'Emma' guides you through a recent case one of our adjudicators had to resolve.    

Download "Be the adjudicator"




Grab a cuppa with Julie-Ann!

Get to know the team behind The Deposit Protection Service! We start with Julie-Ann Frost, our Cantonese-speaking Head of Operations, who kindly takes five minutes out of her day to answer a few questions for our blog.

Read Julie-Ann's Cuppa Catch-up 





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