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Hi and welcome to the first edition of Open House in 2017, here to keep you up to date with deposit protection news and much more.  

In this month's issue:

› ESTAS awards 2017 – your last chance to vote for us!

› The latest from our DPS Charity Donations Fund

› Our latest quarterly tenancy deposit rankings  - see how your city stacks up against the rest

› Being polite doesn't cost a thing - please be respectful to our staff

› Be the adjudicator - when 'Jack Frost' bites, who's responsible?

Enjoy the read!



The ESTAS 2017 - last chance to get your votes in  

It's not long until voting closes for this year's ESTAS awards, but you still have time to make us as your Tenancy Deposit Protection supplier of the year.

We'd love to improve on last year's rating and we can sit here and say why you should vote for us but we prefer to let you do the talking...To vote click on the image. 

Vote for us today! 



Over 65 homeless people given a warm bed thanks to StopGap and The DPS 

It's almost two years since StopGap Sheffield applied for £5000 to help homeless people in the area to get back on track.

We were delighted when they recently told us that our donation had helped over 65 people find a warm bed and a chance at a better life. Take a look at our blog to find out more about this great charity and many more like it.




Our latest quarterly tenancy deposit rankings - how does {~City~} stack up?   

The latest tenancy deposit rankings are out. We've pulled together the average tenancy deposit values* for 100 cities across England and Wales and compared them to the national average (£970.18).  

Based on the information we have, the average deposit in {~City~} is £{~Deposit_Value~}, so how do you compare to other cities in England and Wales? Click on the image to find out more!

How does {~City~} compare? 



Being polite doesn't cost a thing!

Recently, we found ourselves in a position where we had to report a landlord to the police as a result of the threatening and abusive way they spoke to our staff.

We know that there can be issues with a tenancy that are frustrating, and our customer service advisors are here to help as much as they can.

We’d like to think that advising people of the need to be polite isn’t necessary, but sadly that’s not the case. We ask that anyone who contacts us is respectful towards our staff, they're people too and are trying to be helpful.



Be the Adjudicator - Who's paying the piper? 

In this month’s 'Be the adjudicator', there's a chill in the air when burst pipes lead to frosty relations between tenant and landlord. 

Take the adjudicator’s seat and consider the evidence now.

Test your skills now 



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