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Welcome to our latest Open House! Come inside, make yourself at home and enjoy the read. 

As a letting agent, you know how crucial a good inventory is in any deposit dispute. So to help create the best inventory possible, we've called in our expert adjudicators to give you their top 10 inventory tips. You can also test your knowledge on our latest inventory-themed 'Be the Adjudicator' and sign up for one of our dispute workshops.




Our top 10 inventory tips  

Do you know the value of a clear and detailed inventory?

In a deposit dispute, the inventory can be the deciding factor. What's more, it can often prevent a dispute from happening in the first place.

To make sure your inventory is up to scratch, our expert adjudicators have pulled together their top 10 inventory tips.

See if your inventories match our adjudicators’ advice. It could make a real difference.

Our top 10 tips for a great inventory!






Sending your inventories to us using Imfuna

We know many of you use the Imfuna Let mobile inventory app. We’ve been working with Imfuna to make it easier for you to submit inventories to us in the event of a deposit dispute.

So, how does it work?

> Use the app to compare the check-in and check-out reports

> It will highlight any changes to the condition of the property after running the comparison

> Once you’re ready, simply enter your DPS Deposit ID for the tenancy then press send - the document will then be sent directly to us

We’re working with similar inventory services to expand this option to more of you - watch this space.




Floored by the evidence   

Be the Adjudicator is our interactive case study designed to give you a better understanding of how we come to decisions in the event of a deposit dispute.

Take notes while ‘Emma’ takes you through our latest case. Following damage to a wooden floor, the landlord and tenant can’t agree who should get the deposit.

Are you confident you can make the right decision?

What will you decide?






Improve your dispute outcomes 

Want to know how to prepare for disputes and the benefit of having a good inventory?

We’ve been busy planning the next round of our very popular dispute workshops and we’re visiting cities up and down the country in the coming months.

We’d love to see you, so check out if we’re in an area near you.

London - Friday 11 September 

Newcastle - Wednesday 23 September

Nottingham  - Thursday 8 October 

Birmingham - Wednesday 21 October

> Bristol  - Wednesday 4 November 

Don't miss out - book now!




Our Year in Review 

Following on from the successful launch of our interactive Year in Review, we've created a few short videos for our YouTube channel, DPS TV.

Here are a few of the key topics we're talking about...

> Our Custodial and Insured schemes

> Improvements and your feedback

> An overview of adjudication

Head over to DPS TV and check out our Year in Review playlist. 

What have we been up to?





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