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Did you know almost half of tenants in England and Wales do not attend a ‘check-out’ at the end of their tenancy?

Good check-out procedure is vital to ensure letting agents, landlords and tenants all agree on how the deposit should be returned, and on those few occasions where a dispute does still arise, a well-documented check-out could be the decisive evidence an adjudicator needs to make a decision.

This month’s Open House is a check-out special. You’ll find out what makes a successful check-out, with our top 10 tips, and you can test your check-out knowledge with our latest ‘Be the adjudicator’ case study.




Our top 10 check-out tips for landlords

The check-out process is one of the most important parts of any tenancy. It gives landlords and tenants the chance to talk about the property together and hopefully resolve any problems quickly, without dispute.

The worrying thing is that in England and Wales this doesn’t happen enough. In fact 48% of tenants don’t attend check-out at the end of their tenancy. 

We want more people to understand how important the check-out process is, so we’ve pulled together our top 10 check-out tips. Take a look and see how your check-outs compare. 





Right place, wrong time!

‘Be the adjudicator’ is our interactive case study designed to give you a better understanding of how we come to decisions in the event of a deposit dispute.

‘Emma’ will guide you through a case where the landlord and tenant couldn’t agree on the ‘right’ check-out time.

Put yourself in the shoes of an adjudicator and see if you can make the right decision.

The adjudicator's seat is waiting 




Send us your check-in and check-out reports using Imfuna

As you may know, Imfuna users are able to submit evidence to us via the Imfuna Let mobile app in the event of a deposit dispute. This includes your check-in and check-out reports.

As users may be aware, the app will perform a comparison of the reports and highlight any changes for you. In the event of a dispute, all you need to do is enter your DPS Deposit ID and press send to submit it to us.

We’re also working with similar companies to see how we can improve the service we offer you.






What our customers told us about our service from June to August

We’re always striving to improve our service so every month we call some of our customers back and ask them how we’re doing.

We ask them to rate how helpful and polite their advisor was and how fully we resolved their query.

From June to August the team have received some really positive feedback from you, with an average score of 9.6 out of 10 for helpfulness.

We’re continually improving our service and aim to be getting tens across the board.

Take a look at the feedback




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