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Welcome to our latest Open House! There's something for everyone - so grab a cuppa, come inside and make yourself at home.

We've got lots to tell you about, including changes to tax relief for landlords and how they might affect you; our Year in Review, where we look at how we've improved our service in the last 12 months, and our latest donations from the DPS Charity Fund. We've also got more editions of our interactive case study, Be the adjudicator, to test your knowledge of how deposit disputes are resolved, as well as our top 10 tips for a flawless inventory! And, in case you missed it, you can find out about the far-reaching new proposals for letting agents in Wales.





Tax relief changes for landlords

In the Chancellor's Summer Budget, the Government announced its plans to change residential landlord taxation, including reducing tax relief on buy-to-let mortgages and a consultation on changing the current Wear and Tear annual tax break to deductions based on the cost of replacement furnishings.

The Wear and Tear consultation started on 17 June and runs until 9 October, so you should act now if you want to have your chance to contribute your views. You can find the consultation here.

We'd like to make sure the government fully understands the impact that these changes will have on our customers. Please take our short survey to share your thoughts about how the changes will affect your plans to continue letting.

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George Osborne




Year in Review


Government proposals explained 

If introduced, the Government's new proposals will have a huge knock-on effect for the Private Rented Sector.

As well as the changes to tax relief and the wear and tear consultation mentioned above, the Government is also proposing tougher punishments for rogue landlords, and a nationwide roll-out of the Right-to-Rent scheme recently trialed in the West Midlands.

To bring you up to speed, our MD, Julian Foster has recorded a short explanatory video, which you can watch here. Or, you can read our latest blog post by clicking the blue button below.

                   Take a look                   




The latest from our Charity Donations Fund!

Every quarter we award £20,000 through our Charity Donations Fund to charities focusing on housing-related issues.

We’re pleased to announce the three successful applicants of our first awards for 2015.

> Colchester Emergency Night Shelter (CENS)

> StopGap Sheffield 

> CINTRE Community 

Read our blog and find out about the fantastic difference these charities make in their communities.

                   Read the blog                   


Stopgap Sheffield





The results are in!

To get better at what we do, every month we call some of our customers back and ask them how we’re doing.

We ask them to rate how helpful and polite their advisor was and how fully we resolved their query.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from June to August, with over half our customers rating their advisor a fantastic 10 out of 10 for both questions.

We’re really proud of our team, and we’re working hard to maintain the high standards you expect.




Be the adjudicator

Let ‘Emma’ guide you through our interactive Be the adjudicator case studies, designed to help you better understand how we make decisions in the event of a deposit dispute.

Here are a few of the key topics we're talking about...

> Our Custodial and Insured schemes

> Improvements and your feedback

> An overview of adjudication

      Play Be the Adjudicator now!      






Our top 10 inventory tips

Do you know the value of a clear and detailed inventory?

In a deposit dispute, the inventory can be the deciding factor. What's more, it can often prevent a dispute from happening in the first place.

To make sure your inventory is up to scratch, our expert adjudicators have pulled together their top 10 inventory tips.

See if your inventories match our adjudicators’ advice. It could make a real difference.

 Our top 10 tips for a great inventory! 




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