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Joint / Lead Tenant

  • I have multiple tenants at the same property. How do I secure the deposit(s)?

    It is the agent/landlord's responsibility to decide how they wish to secure deposits in respect of multiple tenants at the same property.

    You may wish to consider completing a separate deposit submission for each tenant – this way all tenants are registered as sole tenants and have full control over their deposit and the repayment process. You can distinguish each deposit by using words such as "Room 1", "Room 2" or "Front Room", "Back Room", when submitting them.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to register several tenants against one tenancy then one deposit submission can be made. In this instance, a lead tenant needs to be agreed by all the tenants. It is a DPS requirement that the agent/landlord and tenants agree on who will act as the lead tenant so that The DPS can address any correspondence to them. It is important that when completing the repayment process, the agent/landlord and lead tenant agree the split of the deposit amount, and the lead tenant must also ensure that any proportion of the deposit that is to be returned to the tenants is divided fairly.

  • Who will receive acknowledgment/notification of transactions and changes?
    The DPS sends all transactional notifications to the agent/landlord, sole/lead tenant and additional tenants. Information will be sent by post or email, depending on whether The DPS holds a valid email address for the individual parties concerned.

    If you still have a question on this matter please email us using the Online Form

  • What is the role of the lead tenant?
    The lead tenant is the individual tenant that acts on behalf of all the other tenants and any third party when dealing with The DPS. They can make enquiries and initiate deposit repayments. They can also authorise or validate a deposit repayment that has been initiated by the agent/landlord. The lead tenant must ensure that all tenants and any third party receive the appropriate share of any deposit that is to be repaid to them.

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