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Deposit Repayment

  • How do I reclaim a deposit?

    The Joint Deposit Repayment process can be initiated by the agent/landlord or the sole/lead tenant.

    Either party can go online at and initiate the joint claim. An agent/landlord or a sole/lead tenant can do this by logging into their account and selecting ‘Request a Repayment’. The on-screen guidance will take you through the process of initiating a repayment. The DPS will then send notification to the other party advising them to either log in and respond to the claim (if they have a valid email address or mobile phone number) or to fill out a paper form which we will send to them.

    Alternatively, either party can request a Joint Deposit Repayment Claim Form. Both parties (agent/landlord and the lead/sole tenant) should try to agree on the distribution of the repayment (either online or on paper) before completing the claim. This will ensure a speedy return of the deposit.

    Please contact us via our Online Form if you would like a Deposit Repayment Form to be sent to your registered address.

  • How long will it take to receive the deposit monies back?

    Once both parties have completed the repayment process, repayment will be released within 10 calendar days.

    If there is a problem with your form, repayment will be delayed until the correct instructions are received.

    Please note that if no response is received from the other party, the deposit will remain with The DPS until a Single Claim is made or a Court Order is received.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • How are repayments made?

    Repayments can be made direct to a UK bank account, or by sterling cheque made payable to the agent/landlord or tenant. Repayments by cheque can only be made to the named agent/landlord and/or named tenant(s).

    Repayments can also be made to an overseas bank account - please see our FAQ ‘Can my deposit be paid into my overseas bank account?’. Please note charges may apply to overseas bank account payments.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • How can I ensure my repayment request is not rejected?
    You will need to include your repayment ID. If you have lost it, please contact us as soon as possible.

    The following points may be helpful if you are making your dispute notification request using the paper Joint Deposit Repayment Form:

    1. Write legibly and clearly. If you make a mistake, cross it out and clearly mark the correct amounts, but if necessary call us to request a new form.
    2. Ensure that the amounts you enter in Section 2 exactly match the deposit amount.
    3. Do not photocopy previous forms for different deposits. Each form is individual to the deposit and must be completed as such.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • The status of my deposit is "disputed claim", what do I do?

    Once you have logged in using your Deposit ID and Repayment ID you will be given the option to 'Request a Repayment'.

    Step 1 of 4 – Deposit Distribution - Enter any UNDISPUTED amounts. If the whole Deposit amount is in dispute, please leave both boxes, the amount to be returned and the amount to be forfeited, as £0.00. Only amounts that both parties have agreed to should be entered at this stage.

    Step 2 of 4 – Tenant Allocation or Tenant Details - Enter your forwarding address and the details of any other Tenants. Please also enter the bank account details for all Tenants who are entitled to a share of any undisputed amount.

    Step 3 of 4 – Tenant Review – Please review the summary and agree to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution Service and enter your Repayment ID.

    Step 4 of 4 is confirmation that you have successfully completed your part of the Joint Deposit Repayment claim process.

    We will now write to your former Agent/Landlord asking them to respond to your proposal and if no response is received a reminder will be sent in 7 calendar days.

  • I have initiated the repayment claim - what happens next?
    We will notify the other party, either by email or SMS message, or by post where a valid email address or mobile phone number is available. This notification will advise the other party of your request and will ask them to go online or to complete a paper form to indicate their agreement or disagreement.

    It may be worthwhile for you to also contact the other party to advise them of the pending claim, so as not to incur any delay.

    Please note that if the other party does not respond the deposit will remain with The DPS until a Single Claim is made or a Court Order instructing us to make payment is received.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • What is a Repayment ID?

    Unique repayment IDs are given to the agent/landlord and sole/lead tenant when a deposit submission payment has cleared. Each repayment ID must be submitted, either online or on a Joint Deposit Repayment Claim Form, when a Joint Deposit Repayment claim is initiated.

    Repayment IDs should NOT be given to the other party and should be treated as confidential, as the surrender of each repayment ID is an integral part of the Joint Deposit Repayment process.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • Where can I find the Deposit ID?

    The deposit ID can be found in the Deposit Submission Confirmation, sent to either your registered email address or as a letter to the rented property address when the deposit was originally protected.

    If you cannot find your Deposit Submission Confirmation, your agent/landlord should be able to confirm the deposit ID for you.

    Alternatively, please phone us on 0330 303 0030 with your tenancy details and we will assist you.

  • What do I do if my repayment ID is lost?

    You can request a repayment ID reminder via SMS - just text REPAY followed by your deposit ID and the deposit amount to 07537 404 808. If we cannot send your repayment ID reminder to your mobile, we will endeavour to send it to your registered email address.

    Alternatively a repayment ID reminder for your deposit can be requested using our Online Form or by calling us on 0330 303 0030.

    We will verify the identity of the person requesting the repayment ID, which can then be sent either by post or email.

  • Deposit paid by a third party - what do I do?
    If a third party pays the deposit and is entitled to claim all or part of the deposit repayment, they should be registered as the lead tenant on the deposit submission. The third party can then fully influence the distribution of the deposit repayment and doesn’t actually need to reside in the property. The actual tenant(s) can be registered as additional tenants.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • I have initiated a deposit repayment online and I have made a mistake?
    If you have initiated a deposit repayment and realise on the same day that you have made a mistake, you may be able to cancel the repayment yourself online:

    1. Choose ‘Ongoing Repayments’ from the Repayments menu
    2. Select the deposit for which you wish to cancel repayment
    3. Click the ‘Cancel Repayment’ button at the bottom of the screen.

    If the ‘Cancel Repayment’ button is not available or it has been more than one day since you initiated the repayment, please call us on 0330 303 0030 as soon as possible so we can assist you.

    Providing the other party has not already responded to your repayment proposal, we will be able to reset the status of the deposit to ‘Active’, allowing you to then submit another repayment proposal.

    Please note that once you have initiated a repayment proposal online, this is considered a binding instruction if the other party responds to it. We can only reset your deposit to ’Active’ if no response has been received from the other party.

  • Why do I have to wait 28 days from the date the deposit is protected before starting the repayment process?
    This restriction is in place as part of our security measures. However, if you have a genuine reason to withdraw the deposit inside 28 days please contact us using the Online Form. When completing this form, please give full details of the reason for requesting repayment.
  • Can my deposit be paid into my overseas bank account?

    Yes. We offer an overseas payment option whereby a Sterling Payment is sent outside the UK. When requesting a repayment or submitting a repayment response you can chose the country where your bank is situated and provide your account details.

    We will need the account holders name, account number or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC/Swift (Bank Identifier code).

    You may also be required to provide the bank name and address or other mandatory information and for payments to the USA a ABA transit number.

    You will be prompted to enter these details at the time of the request.

    Please note charges may apply to overseas bank account payments.

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