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We protect deposits for tenancies in England and Wales. For properties in other jurisdictions, please refer to local statutes for guidance on tenancy deposit protection requirements and authorised providers.

Choose the scheme that suits you best

Here at The DPS, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We offer both Custodial and Insured schemes so you can choose the type of protection which suits you best.

Our Custodial scheme is free of charge and really simple to use. We hold your tenant’s deposit throughout the period of the tenancy, repaying it when they leave the property.

Our Insured scheme is a little different – you retain the tenant’s deposit for the period of the tenancy and pay us a small fee to protect it. You manage the deposit repayment when your tenant leaves the property.

Find out more about the schemes below.

As the home of deposit protection, we've got it covered:

  • We hold over 1.2 million deposits.
  • On average 1,500 deposits are submitted to us every day.
  • We've repaid 500,000 deposits in the last year.
  • We’ve resolved over 10,200 tenancy deposit disputes in the past year alone.

With our expertise, you'll have peace of mind that your tenant's deposit will be cared for by the largest, most experienced supplier of deposit protection in the UK.

Not sure which scheme is best for you? Here’s some more information to help you decide:

CustodialSubmit a deposit to our Custodial scheme

Why choose our Custodial scheme?

  • Whether you’re a letting agent, landlord or organisation, our Custodial scheme is available for you to use.
  • Our service is free so you won’t need to worry about membership fees or any other costs, which is why it’s the most popular choice for letting agents/landlords.
  • Your tenant’s deposit is protected from the moment it’s submitted, to the end of the tenancy.
  • Any funds you submit to us are protected and separated from our other assets.

Our Custodial deposit protection scheme is FREE

Submit a deposit with our Custodial scheme.

Protect a deposit with our Insured schemeInsured

Why choose our Insured scheme?

  • Our service is competitively priced and is available on a ‘fee per deposit’ basis.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying a registration or annual renewal fee.
  • You’ll retain the deposit and we’ll protect it for the duration of the tenancy.
  • If you’re a letting agent, you’ll need to be a member of, associated with, or accredited by one of the following bodies: RICS, ARLA, NAEA, NALS, UKALA or The Law Society. You’ll also need to set up a monthly direct debit to us.
  • If you’re a letting agent, you may be entitled to volume discounts – please contact us for further details.


Here's our standard pricing for Insured deposit protection:

Insured Deposit Protection Pricing

Protect a deposit with our Insured scheme.

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