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End of Tenancy

  • What happens if there is a dispute?

    The DPS offers a free, evidenced-based Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to deal with disputes related to the tenancy deposit. In the event of a dispute, both the agent/landlord and tenant must consent to use the ADR service and agree to be bound by the Adjudicator’s decision.

    For more information on the ADR service, please see our FAQs under ‘What is the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR)?’

    The Courts can still be used to resolve disputes if either party does not give consent to use the ADR service.

    If you still have questions on this matter please contact us using our Online Form.

  • Why has my deposit been closed?

    Your deposit has been closed because we have been informed that your tenancy has come to an end, or because your letting agent or landlord did not contact us before the tenancy end date and your deposit was closed automatically.

    If you have signed a new fixed term agreement or your tenancy has become periodic and you do not believe that your deposit should be closed we would recommend that you contact your letting agent or landlord.

    If there is a dispute over the deposit funds you can request a Disputed Amount Confirmation Form within three months of the closure date by calling us on 0330 303 0030 or emailing

  • I wish to raise a dispute, what do I need to do?

    You will need to complete a Disputed Amount Confirmation form within three months of the end of the tenancy.

    You can request a Disputed Amount Confirmation form by emailing us at confirming your deposit ID.

  • When does the deposit protection end?
    A deposit is protected for the life of the tenancy. As a result, the protection ends on the Tenancy End Date (as the tenancy has ended and the tenant is no longer in the property). We offer a period of 90 days from the end of tenancy for the tenant to raise a dispute. This does not mean that the deposit remains protected but allows the tenant to submit details of a dispute. If a Disputed Amount Confirmation form is submitted by the tenant within the 90 day period, DPS will request the disputed funds to be submitted to the scheme, from the landlord.

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