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Helping you understand dispute resolution

For over 98% of tenancies, letting agents, landlords and tenants agree how the deposit should be divided between them and the repayment process runs smoothly. Unfortunately, for a small number of cases they can’t agree. Don’t worry! Our free Dispute Resolution Service is there to help. Disputes may seem daunting, but we’ll tell you everything you need to know to help you through it.


Everything you need to know about dispute resolution


What is the dispute resolution process?

Everything you need to about how the dispute resolution process works. From how it works to how long it takes.

Disputes - what you need to know


I’m preparing for a dispute – what should I do?

Give your claim a better chance with our expert guidance. Learn what you can and can’t claim for, and what makes good evidence.

Making your claim stronger


The adjudication

Find out how an adjudicator reviews a dispute. Learn how they come to a decision and decide on the value of any award.

Learn about the adjudication process


Could you “Be the adjudicator”?

Put yourself in the adjudicator’s seat and see if your decisions match theirs. Our interactive case studies are based on real disputes. Test your skills now.

Case studies