Completing the repayment process

For deposits in our Custodial scheme

I’ve agreed my tenant can have their full deposit back

If you’ve started the repayment process, we’ll ask your tenants to confirm your repayment instruction and provide us with payment details.

If your tenants started the repayment process, you just need to confirm you’re happy with their request. You can quickly do this through your online account, and we’ll pay the deposit back to your tenants straight away.


I’ve made a claim for deductions from the deposit

Deductions from tenancy deposits to cover things like damage, unpaid rent or cleaning are common. That’s what it’s there for after all. In most cases, letting agents and tenants will agree how much should be kept from the deposit.

If you’ve made a claim for deductions, we’ll contact your tenants and ask them to agree or disagree with your claim. If they agree, that’s great. We’ll pay the deposit as you’ve instructed. If they disagree, we’ll ask them to tell us why and what they’re willing to pay. We’ll then contact you and ask if you’re happy with what they’ve agreed to pay. If you’re happy with their response, we’ll close the tenancy and notify the tenant. If you’re not happy, our free Dispute Resolution Service is there to help.

If your tenants started the repayment process, they may have agreed to pay you deductions. We’ll ask you to review their repayment request and you’ll be able to agree or disagree with it, with the same outcomes as above.


I can’t reach an agreement with my tenants

If you can't come to an agreement with your tenant about how the deposit should be repaid, the most important thing is communication. Speak to your tenants, and try to come to an agreement between you. If you can't reach an agreement, the only alternatives are to use our Dispute Resolution Process, or to pursue the matter through the courts.

Find out more about dispute resolution


I can’t contact my tenants

If you can’t contact your tenants, you can still start the repayment process in the same way. We’ll attempt to contact them using the details we hold for them. If they don’t respond, you can provide a Statutory Declaration to instruct us to release the deposit. As part of this process, we’ll attempt to contact the tenants again.

Learn more about the Statutory Declaration process


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