As with everything in life, sometimes problems arise and deposit repayment doesn’t go as planned. Here’s some of the things you may encounter and how to get around them.

I can’t reach agreement with my tenants

If you can't come to an agreement with your tenant about how the deposit should be repaid, the most important thing is communication. Speak to your tenants, and try to come to an agreement between you. If you can't reach an agreement, the only alternatives are to use our Dispute Resolution Process, or to pursue the matter through the courts.

Find out more about dispute resolution


I can’t contact my tenants

If you can’t contact your tenants, you can still start the repayment process in the same way. We’ll attempt to contact them using the details we hold for them. If they don’t respond, you can provide a Statutory Declaration to instruct us to release the deposit. As part of this process, we’ll attempt to contact the tenants again.

Learn more about the Statutory Declaration process


I can’t access my online account to start the repayment process

If you're having difficulty logging in, give us a call on 0330 303 0030.

The tenant has died. How do I return the deposit to the next of kin?

In the sad event of a tenant’s death, for us to allow the person dealing with this estate to request the return of the deposit, we need a copy of the Will or Grant of Probate naming the Executor(s). When we receive this, we'll update the tenancy record and send the Executor everything they'll need to request the return of the deposit.