Starting deposit repayment

Before you begin…

Before starting the repayment process, have you:

› Completed the check-out with the tenants?

› Established whether you need to make a claim against the deposit?

› Gathered evidence to support any claim you intend to make?


Once you've completed the check-out and determined whether you need to make a claim against the deposit, you can start the online repayment process. It’s a good idea to discuss what you want to do with the tenant before you start the online process. This greatly reduces the chance you’ll get into a dispute later.


The repayment process - Custodial deposits

You can easily return deposits or make deductions through your online account. During the process, you’ll need to know how you want us to repay the deposit. If you’re making a claim for any deductions from the deposit, you’ll also need to think about evidence to support your claim. It won't be necessary yet, but it will be vital in the case of a dispute.



If the tenants agree with your repayment instruction or claim, we’ll pay the deposit as you’ve requested within 2 days.

If the tenants disagree with your claim, they can tell us how much they’re willing to pay towards your claim. We’ll pay that to you and ask you to tell us if you’re happy with the amount they’ve paid. You can still claim for a higher amount if you don’t think it’s enough. If this happens, you'll get another chance to agree a fair amount with your tenant. If you can't agree, our free Dispute Resolution Service is there to help you resolve your dispute.

Learn more about the Dispute Resolution Process


What happens if my tenants have started the repayment process?

Your tenants can also start the repayment process. Learn about that process here:

When your tenant starts the repayment process


I can’t contact my tenants

If you can’t contact your tenants, you can still start the repayment process in the same way. We’ll attempt to contact them using the details we hold for them. If they don’t respond, you can provide a Statutory Declaration to instruct us to release the deposit. As part of this process, we’ll attempt to contact the tenants again.

Learn more about the Statutory Declaration process



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