We're more than just a deposit protection provider, which is why we’re always trying to make things easier for you. We've gathered lots of useful guidance about deposit protection and more to help you get the most out of your tenancy.

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    Choosing the right tenancy

    Checks to help you decide if a potential tenancy meets your needs.

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    Where’s my deposit?

    Not sure if your deposit is protected with us? Follow our guide to help.

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    The check-in

    Did you know that preparing for a deposit dispute starts at the beginning of a tenancy? Here are some tips for a great check-in.

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    The Statutory Declaration process

    If you can’t get in touch with your landlord or letting agent when starting the deposit repayment process, you may need to use the Statutory Declaration process.

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    Don't know what a term means?

    Check out our glossary, which contains definitions of many of the deposit protection related terms you may come across.

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    Protect yourself from fraud

    Fraudsters are always trying to catch unwary tenants and over the years we’ve uncovered a number of different scams to part tenants from their cash.

    Find out the steps you can take to avoid fraud.

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    Top tips

    We’ve produced a number of easy to use guides to help letting agents, landlords and tenants with their tenancies. They’re full of good advice that can help you throughout your tenancy.

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    "How to rent" checklist

    The government have produced a checklist called "How to rent". It's full of guidance they've prepared to help tenants get the most out of renting.

    "How to rent" checklist.

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    Managing your finances

    As the cost of living continues to rise, it can seem difficult to balance the books. We’ve teamed up with the government’s Money Advice Service to bring you tools and advice to help you manage your finances.

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Other services providing help for tenants

A number of services provide help to tenants on a broad range of tenancy matters. If you’re a tenant with a query about renting, the following services may be able to help: