The largest and most reliable indicator of rental trends in the UK

In November 2017, we released the first ever DPS Rent Index™. As the largest provider of deposit protection in the UK, we have a unique insight into the Private Rented Sector (PRS). Our database of domestic private rental prices across Britain is the largest of its kind. It's the most reliable indicator of rental trends in the UK. This means it can inform the rental housing market, shape public policy and investor decision-making, in the same way that house price indices do for the owner-occupied housing market.

  • Made with industry experts you can trust

    We want to become thought leaders in the market and create an index that stands up to the highest standards of analysis and scrutiny. Working with leading economists, Professor Joe Nellis and Professor Catarina Figueira to produce the index gives us a trusted voice in the industry. Since it was first published, the Rent Index has been quoted in Reuters, Property Eye and the New York Times.

  • A decade’s worth of data — simplified

    The DPS Rent Index™ contains the average monthly rent in 12 regions of the UK. This is then broken down into the various property types to give a fair view of how much a property costs to rent. There is also information on what percentage of their salary tenants spend on rent. All this came from analysing data from millions of properties across the country over the past decade.

  • Produced every quarter — keeping you informed

    The elements that can make the rental market fluctuate are changing every day. Over the last 10 years, there's been a trend of rents increasing on an annual basis, despite the global financial crisis. This is why every quarter we produce a new rent index to ensure you have the latest data and figures available.

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