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At The DPS, we know your days are busy. That’s why we’ve made deposit protection surprisingly easy for you.

  • Choose FREE Custodial deposit protection, or Insured protection for a small fee!
  • No annual membership charges, renewal fees or hidden costs.
  • Our simple online service is easy to use and on-hand 24/7, more time for you to focus on your business.
  • Help when you need it via phone or email.

Custodial service

Most of our customers use our free Custodial service. In this scheme, we hold the tenant’s deposit throughout the period of the tenancy, and administer the repayment when they leave.


Simply create your DPS custodial account


Add the tenancy details


Send us your deposit

Insured scheme

Our Insured scheme is a little different – you retain the tenant’s deposit for the duration of the tenancy and pay us a small fee to protect it. You also manage the deposit repayment at the end of the tenancy.

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    Free training

    We've trained over 5,500 letting agents and landlords since June 2020 through our dispute webinars.

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    All the support you need

    A library of helpful articles, videos and other tools to keep your tenancies and deposits on track.

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    Regular industry updates

    Get the latest news and guidance about deposit protection.

Check your tenancy deposits are in line with the deposit cap law

For English tenancies, The Tenant Fees Act that came into force on 1 June 2019 makes it illegal for landlords and letting agents to charge certain fees in connection with a tenancy. A key part of the legislation is that tenancy security deposits are now capped at the equivalent of 5-weeks' rent for assured-shorthold tenancies with an annual rent of up to £50,000, or 6-weeks' rent for tenancies with an annual rent of £50,000 or more.

There are no special provisions or exemptions if the tenant has a pet. The maximum deposit amount allowed must still fall within the compliance thresholds above.

The cap applies to ALL new tenancies and any existing tenancies that are renewed on a fixed-term basis. It doesn't affect any tenancies signed before 1 June 2019 (irrespective of when the tenant actually moved into the property).

Check how much deposit you can take with our easy-to-use deposit calculator

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    Enter the rental payment amount

  • deposit-calculator-2

    Enter the rental period – monthly or weekly

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    The calculator will work out whether you can take a deposit equal to five or six weeks’ rent, and what the maximum amount is you can hold.

Discover how Northwood Letting Agents securely protected their deposits for free

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Do you have several deposits to protect?

When you're letting several properties every week, the administration of deposit protection can easily become a time-consuming task. We know your time is valuable, so we've created a tool allowing you to add multiple properties and create multiple tenancies in one go. Follow these simple steps to speed up your deposit protection administration.

  1. Download our Multiple Tenancy Upload tool.
  2. Add each new tenancy to the spreadsheet, one row per tenancy.
  3. Send your completed spreadsheet to
  4. We'll send you confirmation the tenancies have been created, the value of the tenancy deposits and their payment reference. Use this payment reference when making your bank transfer to allow us to automatically allocate the money to the relevant deposits.

Multiple Tenancy Upload Tool

Additional services for letting agents

  • Dispute workshops

    We run our popular dispute resolution workshops for letting agents in different cities all across the country. Our expert adjudicators give advice and guidance on how to get the best results from your deposit disputes.

  • Account management

    If you’re dealing with a large amount of deposits, we understand that you might need some extra help in making everything run smoothly. That’s why we offer an account managed service for our larger letting agents. To find out if you’re eligible, send an email to our friendly Account Management team.

  • Education for your landlords and tenants

    Our website holds a wealth of knowledge that you can refer your clients to. Not only do we have top tips and guides for having a great tenancy, there’s also helpful links for expert advice and guidance. We also provide some of our biggest letting agents with dual branded documents for their clients. Click below to learn more.

As the home of deposit protection, we’ve got it covered

We’re authorised by the government to protect deposits for tenancies in England and Wales. We offer a choice of Custodial and Insured schemes and are the biggest provider of deposit protection in the UK. We’ve been providing a simple, hassle-free service for over 10 years so you can rely on us for all your deposit protection needs.

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We've been protecting deposits since 2007
We've protected over 6.6 million deposits
We've repaid over £3.8 billion of deposits

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