Our secure Tenant Transfer Tool makes life easy for letting agents by allowing you to quickly and efficiently transfer tenants in or out of an existing tenancy, without the need to “repay and resubmit” the deposit.

When to use this process

Letting agents should only use this process when:


a tenant is leaving a joint tenancy and the landlord has no claim against the deposit for that tenant;


a new tenant is replacing a tenant who is leaving a joint tenancy, and the landlord has no claim against the deposit for the outgoing tenant;


a new tenant is being added to any existing tenancy.

For sole tenancies where the existing tenant is leaving and a new tenant moving in, creating a new tenancy, you must use the normal deposit repayment and new tenancy processes.

How it works

The Tenant Transfer Tool can be accessed via the “Manage your tenancy” section of your online account:


In order to proceed to the next stage of the process, you must confirm both of the statements below. If you don't confirm both statements, you will not be able to use this process.



After confirming both statements, you'll have the option to remove each tenant, and add new tenants:


Once you have confirmed the changes, we'll send you a confirmation using the contact details we hold for you. We'll also contact the tenants being removed from or added to the tenancy, to advise them of the changes you have requested and give them the opportunity to contact us if they believe the changes are incorrect. We'll also contact any other tenants registered to the tenancy to advise them of the changes being made.

If we don’t hear from the tenants within 9 days of your request, the transfer will proceed.

If we're notified that the transfer should not proceed

If one of the tenants being removed or added notifies us that that the change should not proceed, we’ll stop the change from proceeding and contact you. If you want to proceed with the change, you'll need to speak with the tenants to resolve their objections. Once you’ve agreed the changes with the tenants you can start the process again.