I've protected a deposit. What next?

Completing the tenancy deposit protection process

As a landlord there are certain obligations you need to fulfill, so your tenancies start and finish as smoothly as possible. Some of the things on this page are legal requirements, while others will help your tenancy go more smoothly That's why we've put together useful information and top tips to help you along the way.


Prescribed Information

Once you've chosen to protect your deposit with us, you'll need to provide your tenant with Prescribed Information about the scheme you've chosen. This is applicable to all deposits, whether they're protected in our Custodial scheme, or Insured.

This is a very important part of the process. The deposit is not considered protected until you've served your tenants with the Prescribed Information and given them a chance to sign it.

If you use our Custodial scheme, you can create automatically-populated Prescribed Information forms through your online account.

To learn more about Prescribed Information or to download a blank Prescribed Information form for the Custodial or the Insured scheme, go to our Prescribed Information page.


Our guide for tenants

For the tenancy to run smoothly, it helps to have tenants who understand how deposit protection works, and where they can go to find more help. We’ve created a useful downloadable overview document for tenants that you can email to them, or if you prefer print and give to them (we’ve designed it to print nicely on two sides of A4 paper).

Download our tenant’s guide to deposit protection


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