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To help you as a new customer, we’ve answered a few common questions so you’re certain our service is the right one for you.

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Why should you register with us?

We’re the longest-established Government approved provider of Tenancy Deposit Protection to offer both Custodial and Insured schemes, and have over 10 years’ experience in protecting tenants’ money.

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  • We hold over 1.2 million deposits.
  • On average 1,500 deposits are submitted to us every day.
  • We've repaid 500,000 deposits in the last year.
  • We’ve resolved over 10,200 tenancy deposit disputes in the past year alone.

Our Custodial scheme is free of charge and really simple to use. We hold your tenant’s deposit throughout the period of the tenancy, repaying it when they leave the property.

Our Insured scheme is a little different – you retain the tenant’s deposit for the period of the tenancy and pay us a small fee to protect it. You manage the deposit repayment when your tenant leaves the property.

Most of our customers register and make transactions online, but paper forms are also available. Our schemes are supported by a dedicated call centre and we offer a free independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

How will online registration benefit you?

Once you’ve registered you can:

Submit/protect new depositsView details of all deposits you've protected with usSubmit deposit payments onlineMake enquiriesManage the repayment of deposits

We make every process as simple as possible so there is no hassle for you. You can find our useful process guides and templates on Our Processes page. You can also take a look at our YouTube channel, DPS TV, where you'll find a number of ‘How to’ videos which show you how to use our online services.

How long will it take you to register?

Registering with us is easy; all we need is a couple of details from you and we'll give you your unique ID number. We’ll also send you an activation email and you can start to submit deposits with us as soon as you’ve activated your account. Register now.

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