Opt into our Enhanced Authentication service

Extra security if you want it

Our system security is of paramount importance to us. We’re always looking for ways to improve our security measures to provide extra reassurance to our customers. This is why we’re introducing our Enhanced Authentication service, an extra layer of security you can opt in to for extra peace of mind with your deposit protection.

What is enhanced authentication?

Our enhanced authentication helps to protect your account from being used by a third party without your knowledge. When completing transactions and changes to your account with this feature enabled, we may send you a code via SMS or email to validate who you are. This unique 6-digit code will only be sent to the mobile number or email address saved on your account (a valid UK mobile number is required for SMS). You’ll need to enter this code to be able to successfully complete transactions on your account.

Is this required for all transactions I do?

No, you won’t need to do this every time you transact. Once you’ve authenticated yourself with your passcode, your authentication will be valid for up to 30 days.

Do I have to use the enhanced authentication?

We appreciate that not everyone wants to take advantage of this extra layer of security so we’ve given you the choice whether to implement it. To choose enhanced authentication, log in to your account and select the Enhanced Authentication option in your preferences to start the process.