Your experience using The DPS online service will now be even easier and more convenient with Bank Account Details Storage.

This new feature allows you to store your banking details on your DPS account. Now, instead of having to re-enter your banking information each time you complete a claim, you can enter your details once and they will be saved for future use.

Other benefits of Bank Account Details Storage include:

  • If you’ve opted in to Enhanced Security Authentication you can amend or remove your bank details yourself, rather than contacting us. If you haven’t yet opted in to Enhanced Security Authentication, you will still need to call our contact centre for assistance.
  • We’ll send you a confirmation email each time your banking information is stored, edited or removed, as an added level of security.

If you use different bank accounts for your repayments, we recommend you don’t store your banking details in your DPS account as you will need to change them each time. However, if your repayments come from the same account, Bank Account Details Storage will save you time on each transaction.

You can store your banking details today by logging in to your DPS account. If you have questions, please contact us.