We’re continually enhancing our service in response to feedback from our customers. In our last Customer Satisfaction survey, you told us you needed greater visibility into the key dates for claims and deposit disputes.

In response, we’ve now modified our website to include the key dates relating to your claim. To access this information, log into your account and search for the deposit you wish to view by using the “Search tenancies” bar:



The “Evidence deadline date” is shown on the tenancy summary returned by the search. To view more details about the claim, click the “View claim” button.



Clicking “View claim” takes you to the claim summary page. Here you will see the “Claim start date”, “Evidence deadline date” and “Estimated decision deadline date”.



What does each date represent?

Claim start date: The date you submitted your original claim.

Evidence deadline date: The date by which you must submit all evidence to support your claim.

Estimated decision deadline date: The estimated date an adjudicator will make a decision on how the disputed claim should be paid.

Tenant response deadline date: For Single Claims only, the date by which the tenant must respond to your Statutory Declaration. If the tenant doesn’t respond by this date, then we will pay you the amount you’ve claimed from the deposit.




We hope you find the new key dates for claims and deposit disputes feature helpful. If you have any questions, please email contactus@depositprotection.com.