Bristol, – Computershare Loan Services and The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) have awarded £40,000 to national charity Depaul UK to help tackle the root causes of homelessness and improve financial stability among young people.

The organisations said the donation would fund financial literacy workshop programmes across the country, particularly for those aged 16 to 25 who are without a home or who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Nicola Harwood, Director of Prevention and Programmes at Depaul UK, said: “This significant donation will enable us to extend our work with young people to help them escape or avoid homelessness, achieve financial independence and progress into long-term education, training or sustainable employment.

“Increasing financial literacy among young people is integral to young people’s independence, health and employability.

“Computershare’s donation will also help support young people to develop the skills and confidence to undertake training for sustainable careers and move away from the dangers of homelessness, especially as they continue to feel the economic impact of the past year.”

Andrew Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Computershare Loan Services, said: “Computershare Loan Services has a proud history of supporting organisations that help improve with financial education or alleviate poverty.

“We’re delighted this year to link up with our sister organisation, The DPS, and combine our efforts to provide significant support to a charity working to help young people, particularly in these challenging times.”

Matt Trevett, Managing Director at The DPS, which is also part of the Computershare Group, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Depaul UK to create a positive, significant impact on the lives of young people, particularly those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

“The DPS has supported charities focused on housing and homelessness regularly over the last seven years, and we hope this donation will help Depaul UK further improve the financial understanding and wellbeing of those who need support.”

Depaul UK offers financial literacy education as part of its employability programme Steps to Success, which equips young people with the skills and knowledge to secure and maintain meaningful employment, education or training.

The charity also offers one-to-one sessions to support young people to resolve debt, understand money matters, manage their benefits, and handle other financial difficulties.

Depaul UK works across South Yorkshire and the North East, where Computershare Loan Services has offices, as well as elsewhere in the UK.

The DPS, the UK’s largest protector of rent deposits, has protected more than seven million rent securities since 2007 through its free and easy-to-use custodial scheme.

Computershare Loan Services is the UK’s largest third-party mortgage servicer, specialising in loan administration and large data management to help mortgage lenders and investors optimise their portfolios.

The DPS and Computershare Loan Services have together provided just under half a million pounds to charities in these respective fields since 2014. The DPS and Computershare Loan Services Charity Fund is also set to make donations to local charities near the organisations’ Derry, North and West Yorkshire, Sunderland, Doxford and Bristol offices later this year.

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