The Statutory Declaration process is there to help you progress repayments and claims at the end of the tenancy when your tenants aren’t engaging. Some of you have told us that you found the process slow, cumbersome and too manual, so we’ve been working on enhancements that will make it faster for you and your tenants.

Speeding up the process with online responses

  • We’ve changed the process for tenants responding to Statutory Declarations to be online only. We’ll no longer be accepting responses by email, reducing the steps required for them to lodge their response. Instead, we’ll provide a link for them to lodge their response directly via their online account.
  • The new system removes the need to wait for paper notices or emails back and forth for information speeding up the processing of claims. (You’ll still need to send evidence by email if it goes to dispute).

Introducing a break option to avoid disputes

  • Until now if tenants receiving a Statutory Declaration rejected the claim, it automatically went to dispute resolution. We’ve introduced a final step in the process now that will give the initiating party a final chance to agree a settlement before the deposit goes into dispute. You’ll have an additional two days to discuss your claim with your tenant and try to reach an agreement, before the dispute resolution process automatically commences, thus providing you with the option to avoid the time-consuming adjudication process.


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